Joseline Hernandez Of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Dancing On The Couch In The Club

24 Jul

Ex-stripper Joseline Hernandez Of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Dancing On The Couch In The Club


Before and After: Qlassy Hair Remy human hair micro bead extensions

12 Jul

Before and After: Qlassy Hair Remy human hair micro bead extensions

Use Any hot tool, chemical dyes or perms. Wash, Condition and Care for like your natural hair! Lasts up to 4-6 months!! One Application every 4-6 months!!


Love & Hip Hop Star Atlanta Ms Joseline Bailar – 1st Single “Bailar”

12 Jul

Exclusive Music Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Ms Joseline Bailar
1st single “Bailar” Danger Zone Ent.


Joseline Hernandez has hit the ground running–far away for her stripper days and into the arms of her “Prince Charming” Stevie J.  As Joseline describes him as her MANager with emphasis on the “Man”.

Since Vh1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiered on June 18, 2012, the most talked about is Producer Stevie J and his newest artist Joseline Hernandez. Now everyone and their mother has been talking about this odd couple. Yes, there are other characters on the show like Atlanta rapper Scrappy and his baby mom Ericka or Erica just to name a few. So here’s a quick breakdown, Stevie J is a long time producer and long time boyfriend of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust.  The night of the first episode Twitter was flooded with comments, questions, and disgust about Joseline Hernandez.  From home wrecker, to prince lookalike, but the most controversial statement heard around the world was the fact that little Ms Joseline was in fact born a man. Fueled with all the buzz  this Latin spitfire cause a even bigger stir by tweeting  nude photos of herself. These photo have since been removed but thanks to modern technology this images will be etched in the brains of computers around the world.

Joseline claims to have had a hard upbringing which caused her to resort to living an unconventional lifestyle but she believes that she can turn that all around with the help of producer Stevie J. She has now released her newest single “bailar”, and we want to know what you guys think.

This style of music is reggaeton not so much Hip Hop and R&B.

6 Tips for creating the most Natural looking hair extensions

17 Feb

6 Tips for Getting the Most Natural Looking Hair Extensions


  • Always purchase  100% human hair extensions – We all know that Synthetic hair is much cheaper, but have you ever heard the phrase you get what you pay for?  Human hair extensions are an investment, and like any other major purchase, if you choose wisely and do your research, you will be delighted with the results.
  • Buy Remy Remy or Remi human hair is the finest hair quality around.  The cuticles on the hair are still attached and going in the same direction. This keeps the hair healthy longer and prevents shedding and tangling. Just purchasing human hair doesn’t mean its the best or will last long.  Remy hair will last longer and tends to be more expensive.  Again Quality vs. Quantity.
  • Try to buy Do-it-Yourself at Home techniques – Going to the salon to purchase hair extensions can be extremely costly.  The newest techniques like micro-bead and the the oldest fusion, will cost upwards of $2000.00 a pop.  Since salons are exclusive when it comes to supplying and applying extensions they dominate the market and can charge an arm and a leg for the same products.
  • Choose a natural hair color – Wild hair colors are fun, but opting for more subtle, natural tones will make hair extensions blend in with your own hair better.
  • Choose hair extensions pre-tipped with keratinHair extensions with keratin tips will blend in more seamlessly with your own hair than extensions that require  messy glues and adhesives.  Hair extensions with keratin tips have a simple and mess-free application process that won’t damage your hair or make it obvious you are not going all natural.  These extensions can be used with micro-beads, shrinkies, or micro-links which require no glues that may damage the hair.  Individual strand extensions will also last longer than traditional extensions, usually any where between 4- 6 months.
  • If you have really short hair, don’t go rapunzel long –  Deciding length  is very wise, because you don’t want to end up with really short choppy layers on the top and 18 inches of really long hair underneath.  If you have short hair add about 4-6 inches to the hair for each layer added.

Find your Hair Type… Cure your Hair!

17 Feb

You will discover after reading this, that hair types have nothing to do with whether your hair is thick or thin.  Your  Hair Type  is described in terms of the thickness of each strand.  Human hair thickness is measured in terms of microns which range between 40-120 microns.  It is also possible for people to have more than one texture on their head at the same time. These people need to identify the most dominate texture.  Knowing your hair type can determine whether you have bad or good hair.  Not knowing what products to use to tame your mane and cause even more damage when caring for your hair.

The three hair types: Fine, Medium, and Coarse.

Fine Hair.

  1. Maintains shine
  2. Soft
  3. Lifeless
  4. Very Flat

Fine hair has a diameter of about 50 microns. Fine hair will maintain the most natural shine; when hair is healthy, because it reflects light the most.

*Most Blondes will have naturally fine hair because blonde is the thinnest hair type

Fine Hair can.

  1. Be Hard to style
  2. Lack Volume
  3. Trouble holding style

Tips for fine hair.

  1. Try very subtle short layer.
  2. Avoid very long hair cut at one length.
  3. Streaks are a great idea for fine hair because again it will give the illusion of depth therefore adding volume.
  4. A more blunt cut will create the illusion of thicker hair.

Photo: From magazine

New Hair Ideas for 2011









Medium Hair.

  1. More Voluminous than fine hair
  2. Holds styles
  3. More manageable

Majority of people have medium hair type. The diameter of each strand is usually between 60-90 microns.

Medium hair has lots of body and usually holds any type of hair style well.  Medium hair is regularly considered as normal hair.  It has the most styling flexibility of the three hair types.  So if you have medium hair type consider yourself  lucky.

Course Hair.

  1. Very Strong
  2. Wiry
  3. Tough

Coarse hair is very strong and has a diameter of 100 microns and above.

This hair type is often dry and brittle, conditioning often can keep it under control.

Course hair is.

  1. Harder to manage
  2. Can be resistant to styling
  3. Can become frizzy

Tips for Coarse Hair.

  1. Wear it long so the weight of the hair keeps it down.
  2. Get a layered cut to loose some the bulkiness at the ends.
  3. Stay away from a blunt cut.
  4. Condition often to reduce frizz and keep the hair soft.

Thick and Thin Hair Type.

Whether your hair is thin or thick depends on the number of hairs on your head not on the thickness of each hair strand.

The average head has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs, and normal daily shedding is around 50-100 hairs.

People with thick hair have about 150,000 strands on their heads.

People with thin hair have about 90,000 strands on their heads.

Three Ways To Find your Hair Type:

First way:

How long does it take for your hair to dry naturally?

— If your hair is fine or thin it should take less than an hour to dry your hair.

— If  your hair is thick  it takes more than an hour to dry.

Second way:

Pull out a single hair and Put it against a piece of white paper.

— Fine hair is very hard to see and not easily felt between the fingers.

— Medium hair is easily seen against the white paper, but it will not feel wiry between the fingers.

Coarse hair will be very visible against the white paper. It will also feel quite wiry between the fingers.

Third way:

Make a ponytail.

Put your thumb and forefinger around it to make a circle.

— Your hair is thin if the circle is dime-sized or less.

— Your hair is thick if the circle is quarter-sized or more.

—  Anything in-between is medium thickness or average.

There’s not much you can do about the structure of your hair. If you are not happy with the type of your hair you can’t change it but you can influence it.

  • Both fine and medium textured hair can  be manipulated by adding color for more depth.
  • They both get increased  power from setting lotions, mousses, serums and hair sprays.
  • Coarse hair can be calmed down by adding rich conditioners, deep conditions and styling gel.

Good hair days can become the rule rather the exception to the rule, when you get to know your hair. The easiest way for you and your hair to get along is to work together.

31 New Hair Ideas for 2011:

5 Feb

31 New Hair Ideas for 2011:

X17 Online – Britney Spears – Photos & Pics | Should Britney Get Rid Of Her Hair Extensions?

5 Feb

X17 Online – Britney Spears – Photos & Pics | Should Britney Get Rid Of Her Hair Extensions?.

Hair looking flat and drab .. . Try these new color techniques

5 Feb

Feeling not so up-to-date with the latest techniques in adding color to your hair.  Adding color can create quick dimension and depth to dull hair.  What ever gal or guy should know before deciding to go to a salon or brave it on your own. ….

Single Process Color– This process involves one color being applied all over to the hair to darken.

This process is very easy to achieve for at-home users, many go dark to disguise unwanted damage.  Great for those who want to add brighter, bolder color to an already drab look.

Double Process Color– This process includes two steps. When hair is being lightened more than two shades. The hair is first bleached to remove any color and then the desired shade of dye is added.

**This is not recommended for people with very dry, brittle and damaged hair and should never be tried at home. Try using single process dyes that can change your color to a beautiful darker shade.

Ombre– This hair style is one of the hottest trends among celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Whitney Port and Drew Barrymore. Ombre hair color is when the hair is very dark at the roots and gradually lightens towards the ends.

Ombre hair coloring technique

This color contrast creates softness and creates a lighting effect that will keep all eyes on your beautiful tresses.

Lowlights– The lowlighting technique adds depth to hair- Adding lowlights is the opposite of highlighting the hair; it is adding darker shades to soften and add dimension. Lowlights are ideal for blonde and light brown hair.

Highlights– Not all highlights are the same: there are several different highlighting techniques that create very different results.

  1. Chunking is a kind of highlighting that creates larger “chunks” of color throughout the hair- Don’t be fooled though, depending on what colors are used, chunking doesn’t have to look harsh- This technique can either look very natural or a very dramatic.
  2. Balayage is another type of highlighting where the highlights are applied so that they look more natural as they grow out- Balayage is ideal for low-maintenance people who don’t want root touch ups every 4-6 weeks.

Balayage-Hair coloring technique

Try some of these techniques on your own tresses, again added color can create volume, thickness, and an ultra-sexy look.  Please be sure to consult a profession when it comes more complex techniques.

Whale sperm revitalizes damaged hair? … ..a must read!

5 Feb

Revitalizes dry damaged hair

** NO animals were hurt in producing this product so don’t knock it ’till you try it, find out more!

Whale sperm or (Esperma de Ballena) is a Dominican hair care product used to condition and revitalize dry damaged hair.  This product has been getting rave reviews and it’s never too late for the rest of us– I mean the rest of you to experience whale ecstasy.

Whale sperm can be used for all  hair types, and it conditions like nobody’s business!  Making your hair ultra-soft and super-moisturized. Leaves your hair softer and shiner than ever before and get this it smells AAAmazing. It’s a product primarily used in Dominican salons, where they call it “Esperma De Ballena”, which means sperm of the Whale in English.  Dominicans have a vast array of hair types, from kinky to curly and straight to frizzy, due to the cultural and racial background of the country.

Now here’s the catch. This product in NO way comes from two Whales mating, interesting but still kinda gross.  Here’s what you should know for the next time you feel you have to bribe the bum on the corner to purchase your new obsession for fear of being spotted by someone you know. AAAAhh the Agony!

So, Whats behind the name.  Well we can just say this may be a “lost in translation” moment.  Basically it’s marine protein or protein that collects near the head of the whale, technically know as Spermaceti.  Spermaceti is a milky substance packed with protein and used in many household products like candle, waxes and oils. Marine protein products tend to work very well for human hair, producing amazing results.

So what’s in it? It’s made with ingredients such as Natural Pro-Vitamins B5 that gives your hair shine and softness.  Pro-vitamin B5, is known as an effective moisturizer protecting from brittleness and dehydration and is also known to aid in the increase of cell proliferation. “Whale sperm” also helps to revitalize lost Keratin –the key structural component of  hair and nails.

How to use: Apply the conditioner over towel dry hair massaging for about 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with cool water. You’ll see and feel results once hair begins to dry.

So despite its infamous name this conditioner has replaced most if not All of my drug-store conditioners, serums, frizz be gones, and anything I can spend my money on products.

So here’s where you can get yours, and for less than 10 dollars a bottle!

Lastly, here are some of the reviews .. …

This post was sponsored by Qlassy Hair Extensions

Get Amazing Hair At Your fingertips…The Revolutionary Micro-bead Extensions

27 Jan

Tips For Choosing Hair Extensions

Not too long ago, your only option for applying hair extensions was sewing the weft to the roots of the hair or using those awful smelly glues. Well thanks to Technology and many advancements made in the hair extension industry, we now have more practical, non-damaging, and safer methods.

These Small changes have been revolutionary. And we literally mean small!


These small “microscopic” metal cylinders known as a “micro beads” have been responsible for single handedly launching hair extensions into mainstream and high profile hair salons across the world. Before this new technology, many stylist were about to create the style that clients needed but not the sustainability and long lasting effects from micro bead extensions.

“These tiny beads have changed the way we think about hair extensions and our purpose for using them,” says expert stylist marciano.

Micro-bead extension methods help to.

Extending the length of the hair in the most natural way. Using strands creates versatility when washing, conditioning, and styling the hair as a unit.

Last longer than any other method of weaving, between 4-6 months depending on growth pattern.

Links are applied at the root.

Whether you have breakage or split ends will not matter when using micro-bead extensions.

— Why? Our roots are the strongest parts of our hair, whether we perm, straighten or chemically process our hair.  The reason we still have hair on your heads is because of the strength in our roots.

Also your root is an indication of the way our hair will flow out of the head.  So if you hair has some height or lays flat on the head, basically your roots tell your hair how to react.

Placing micro-beads extensions close to the scalp will help them to adapt and conform to your pattern and hair flow.

This is harder to achieve with other hair extension methods such as weaving or glue application. There is very little versatility when it comes to these methods.  Washing, conditioning and styling in ponytails or updos can be hard task and can something loosen the bonds of other hair extensions techniques.

Creating length and fullness without stress or damage.

Micro-beads are very tiny and each strand of hair weighs approx. .05grams

.05 g = 0.001763 oz = 0.0001101875 Pounds <—- Ultra-feather weight comfort.

Creating stress or traction on the hair will cause breakage and ultimately damage to the scalp and hair follicles.  These stresses include: Continuous tight braiding, tight ponytails, chemically processing hair after removing tight braids, cornrows or weaving

Experience Real Growth.

Micro-bead extensions are very versatile and can be treated like your natural hair.  Washing, conditioning, and caring for your hair and scalp is a must when it comes to hair growth. You will be able to achieve growth with micro-bead extensions because they do not restrict your lifestyle and you can continue you normal hair regime as needed.

There are 3 easy steps to attaching beads.

1. Slide the bead onto the natural hair.

2. Insert the hair extension tip into the bead.

3. Clamp the bead shut to secure its placement.

Try this at home -Do-it-yourself kit with Premium Remy Human Hair.